YouTube and wasting time

Most people may thing that photography is just having a camera, going around and taking photos. But it's not just that.

When the lockdown started, I must confess that I was quite happy. I would have time to stop messing around and start focusing in my compositions. I would have the house just for me, more time to spend in thinking, working, creating, writing, reading and relaxing.

That was what happened during the first three weeks. After that, I started to feel bored and YouTube started to be my company, my addiction. I would watch videos of everything, from tech reviews, funny sketches, standup comedy, to BBC News, tennis reviews and old games; trailers, music videoclips, queer and trans conversations, and may and many other content. What do you think that happened after?

Yes, I was bored.

I was so bored that I lost track of days, hours; my sleep hours were messed up and I just stopped cooking everyday, started to eat unhealthy food and I stopped doing exercise. It was frustrating. I would woke up with the tiktok song "I'm bored in a house and I'm in a house bored" all the time.

But after buying the camera, I started to use my time, especially my time in YouTube, in a more productive way. I started to watch photography content, as for example how to set the camera for street photography, or how to improve your focusing point, how to improve your photography composition; I started to learn more about aperture, iso, shooter speed and lenses, and I started to learn about how to use photography software to edit my photos. After all, I was using YouTube as a learning platform.

You may or may not believe, but this helped me to improve my composing flow, my writing and my reading. Also, I had more strength to really go outside cycling or walking, because I could take my camera to take photos.

Last year, I watched a talk in which the discussion was about learning, the brain and music. Learning new things can be difficult at certain age, but if you really try hard to learn something new, your brain will be stimulated and that will allow you to be more effective in what you're doing and willing to learn. This also can avoid possible mental health problems in the future, as for example Dementia.

Photography helped me to get out of a routine that was consuming my mental health and that was dragging me all the time to lay on the sofa and sleep. Helped me to get back on track and use online platforms to actually learn something new. With this, I got better and more productive in other tasks I had to do.

I'm not saying you should learn photography, but go and find something that you like and don't be scared to try it. You have nothing to loose.

Pictures were taking on my first walk in London with the Sony a7 iii.

Thanks for giving a bit of your time to read this.

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