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Some of you may remember that film called "The Biker Boyz" from 2003, with Laurence Fishburne and Brendan Fehr. When Smoke, played by Laurence Fishburne, rides his bike as fast as he can, the world around him is blurred, and he can only sees the point where he wants to go. I was doing the exact same thing, every time I went out of my flat in London, to go to somewhere.

Sometimes in the middle of your routine, you forgot about what is surrounding you, because you just want to arrive to your destination to do your thing. Especially when you live in such a cosmopolitan city where everyone is rushing, everything happens extremely fast and the city is always busy.

Having now started to go outside to take photographies, made me realise that I wasn't aware of what was surrounding me. I re-discovered places, that even having being there, it was like just looking at them for the first time.

Near my flat, if you go to the back of the Home Base, you'll find a road that leads to West Hampstead in London. Now, you can go straight, but if you turn left you can find this weird and dodgy entrance that leads to a bridge. The amount of times I crossed that bridge to go to a friends is huge, and I never realised how artistic and colourful this bridge was.

Walking bridge 8 June 2020

It is fascinating to walk around and find these images of objects, places, structures, shadows, that you never noticed before. It is fascinating how you start looking, because on the one hand you have a camera, but on the other hand because you start observing what is around.

"Hidden Balconies" is other example that when looking around you can find fascinating places. Places with perhaps a story to tell.

Hidden Balconies 8 June 2020

In this image you can see three balconies that are in the rear part of a building. They are very similar in their construction and design. But, when people start to add their personal and unique touch they become different. They become almost humanised and alive.

It's very easy to be in auto-pilot and just do your thing. But, if you stop more often to just enjoy the journey you will be more satisfied when arriving to wherever you want to go. Life is not just about what you achieve, it's also about the process. The destination is important, but you can't never forget that the journey is also essencial to get there and very often we miss important things because we didn't observe.

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