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When I was young, my dad had a film camera, It was a Kodak KB10 35mm (google it, you will see). At the time, this was what people could buy to shoot family events, holiday trips and most of their daily life. Of course you had other offers, probably more expensive, but this was okay.

I remember I was around 6 or 7 years old and my sister was maybe 3 or 4, mum and dad were out for work everyday and, because I was quite responsible, they trusted me to take care of my sister. I remember being very curious too, and knowing where my dad kept things, in his messy and non-organised drawers and hidden places. When he couldn't find something he would ask me: "hey Dan, have you seen my marker pen?" I knew every time where his stuff were. Sometimes I lied so he wouldn't suspect that I had been checking his drawers.

On one day, I found the Kodak. That was my first experience in taking photos. My first pictures were from my sister doing random things around the house. I took her pictures when she was sleeping, when she was in the toilet or kitchen. I remember it was a great day. We were kids, we were playing and having fun. She dressed some of mum clothes and we made a photoshoot. She was the model and I was the photographer. We never expected that the camera was with an empty film inside.

So one day, dad tried to take some pictures, but he realised that the film was full. He couldn't understand why, if he just bought the film couple of weeks ago. But, you know, is one of those things that you just ignore, so did he. He put a new one and started taking pictures. To our surprise, when dad returned from the store with the printed version, we found the pictures of my sister in her daily life and our photoshoot session.

Since then, I've been quietly admiring photographers and the work of art they produce. Especially when is daily, ordinary life routine, as for example, street photography.

However, I never had the courage to take a camera and start doing it again. I must say that this may have happened because I've been focusing in my career as a contemporary classical music composer, so I didn't have enough time to bring this idea to my head again.

With the pandemic we're facing, and the quarantine mode that that brought to people, I started to have more time to think about what really interests me, and it's not a surprise that one of my conclusions was photography.

My boyfriend is very passionate about photography, especially when is about people, faces and different expressions. We have had some arguments because, you may or may not agree that when you're watching someone having fun you get bored of not having fun yourself as well. I suppose is a naive and selfish feeling, but that's a feeling all of us face or will face at some point ir our life.

So, I decided during the lockdown to invest in a good camera. I bought a Sony a7 iii with a 24mm-70mm kid lens and I've been using some of my time to learn about photography and everything about it. But, what I really like about it, is going out, take my camera and capture the moments of the world that only I can see.

I decided to start blogging my experience as a photographer. I think a photo can tell a story, and not necessarily a story about the situation you capture, but a story that may be linked with yourself in some way that your subconscious made you capture that moment. I am a story teller, that's why I'm a contemporary classical music composer. I really enjoy to tell stories. Music, photography and this blog are just tools to make my stories accessible to other people.

This was my first picture with Sony a7 iii

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