Always changing - a place is never the same as before

The three photos showed bellow, were in China Town in London, it wasn't very crowded which you may think that is confusing because the Year of the Rat just started and this is a place in which celebrations are always happening, tourists are always around and locals are working to keep their restaurants and stores functioning. However, because of the pandemic, the streets were almost empty and not very much happening. The difference between capture a woman cycling, an empty street and a blue jacket person walking in closed stores and restaurants, made me think about the enormous impact that the city and small business, as the ones in China Town, are suffering; and in how static things can be different from one occasion to the other.

How many times have you stopped in a place where you definitely have had been before and realised that something is different?

Moving 6 June 2020

Basically, nothing is the same twice. Even static objects can become different the second time you look at them, and it's because the world is moving forward. People, even having the same routine, they change, and time is responsible to moving us in one direction. Photography is one of the many ways you can freeze that moment to make it unique.

Year of the Rat 6 June 2020

Visiting the same place over and over, you may think that you will be tired of looking all the time to the same things, same buildings or same light; but it's not like that. In China Town in London, for example, I took a picture of one of the streets and minutes later I took another picture of the same street, and guess what? The image just become different. Also, before even considering photography, I visited China Town and they way I looked at it this time was different.

Blue on Red 6 June 2020

Your perception can be very selective, so your eyes choose whatever interests you in that moment, but that moment, although it can be saved in your memory, it will never be the same for your eyes and interest.

When going outside, I like to absorb everything that is surrounding. Everything is in constant transformation. Be part of that transformation and be able to capture moments of that boiling activity in our daily world is just a privilege you can't describe in words. Shooting has demonstrated me that photography is a register of these different particles that are constantly in modification, and that most of the people ignore; but if you look closely enough to see them, you realise their beauty and their meaning for us as human beings.