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All rights reserved © Underline Pictures

All rights reserved © Underline Pictures



April 2019

Some pictures from last week rehearsal and recording session of Colours (closing in) with the eminent and exceptional
Fabio Fernandes (guitar), En Yuan Khong (violin), Joana Rodrigues (violin), Oscar Holch (viola) and Jacky Siu (violoncello).


March 2019

In June, I will make my debut in the south of France, participating in the ENOA Opera & New Technologies under the supervision of the composer Michel van der Aa, for the occasion of the new version of his show, Blank Out, at Festival d’Aix 2019, taking format of reflection and discussion on the use of new technologies in the creation of opera.

More about the programme visit:

This participation is kindly supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation


March 2019 Newsletter available online, focusing analogous … performance by Edward Holmes at the New Music Society Spring Concert.