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All rights reserved © Underline Pictures

All rights reserved © Underline Pictures




Future concerts to be revealed soon

June 2019


1st Prize winner of the 2019 Accordion Composition Prize in Portugal from the INATEL Foundation and FOLEFEST Foundation. The premiere will be in the FOLEFEST Festival 2020 and it will be recorded by the National Portuguese Radio - Antena 2.



May 2019

Collaborative work with the visual artist Jérémie Queyras - Composing for painting - my first graphic score.


May 2019

Some pictures from the premiere of Remembering the future for high soprano, clarinet, viola and double bass at Wigmore Hall, text by Tane Stevens and score illustration by Jérémie Queyras


April 2019

Some pictures from last week rehearsal and recording session of Colours (closing in) with the eminent and exceptional
Fabio Fernandes (guitar), En Yuan Khong (violin), Joana Rodrigues (violin), Oscar Holch (viola) and Jacky Siu (violoncello).