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June, 2017

Everything running perfect for Regina Coeli's project 'A Presença mais pura 5 Poemas para um Regina Coeli'

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June, 2017

New CD approaching, which include my piece 'Mask' for Alto and Double-base, commissioned by Sónia Oliveira and João Vargas.

More soon

May, 0217

New project with Ludwig Albert. It will be a concert for Marimba and Symphony Orchestra to be premiere this year.

More informations soon.

May, 2017

Few moments of the Project Presentation 5 Decades of History - 5 Pieces for the future by Regina Coeli Lisbon Choir, on last 6th of May 2017. This project, apart from the commission that was made to me, include pieces by Sara Ross, Nuno da Rocha, José Luís Ferreira and Alfredo Teixeira.

Photography by Alexandre Rainha Campos



Was born in OPorto in 1990.

Studied Composition in Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (Lisbon College of Music) with Professor Dr Sérgio Azevedo, Professor Dr António Pinho Vargas and Professor Dr Luís Tinoco. Still, worked with the Professor Roberto Alejandro Perez, Professor Dr Carlos Marecos, Professor Dr João Madureira, Professor Dr José Luís Ferreira and Professor Dr Carlos Caires in Orchestration, Harmony, Analisys and Electroacoustic Music. Finished with the Master Degree (2011 - 2016).

In 2014, was studentship of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for 2014-2015 academic year and was the Young Composer of the season 2014 - 2015 of the Orquestra de Câmara de Cascais e Oeiras (Cascais - Oeiras Chamber Orchestra).

Was the Composer of the project Musicalmente - Music for Babies (season 2016).

Recently was offered a conditional place for a Doctoral Programme in Guildhall School of Music and Drama - United Kingdom - supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian's Foundation, with Professor Dr Julian Philips and Professor Dr Richard Baker.



  • 2016, Honor Medal - from Instituo Politécnico de Lisboa for having highlighted as a National and International Composer.


  • 2015, Nomination - Melhor trabalho de Música Erudita 2015 da Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores.


  • 2015, 1st Prize Winner - Concurso de Composição Antena 2 / SPA - III Edição.


  • 2014, Laureate - Concurso de Composição da Banda Sinfónica Portuguesa - II Edição.


  • 2014, Laureate - Concurso de Composição Antena 2 / SPA - II Edição.





"Mirror of the Soul" by Ensemble Darcos - work record "Viagens"








"New Harmoniemusik" by Camerata de Sopros Silva Dionísio - work record "The essence of a tear"



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If you donate €3 until the 30th of September 2017, your name will be acknowledge on my next piece for Marimba and String Quintet, which première will be this year.