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March, 2018

You will be remembered for always - José Luís Ferreira - a composer, a teacher and a friend! Many stories to tell and unfortunately you won't be able be there. Hope that your music persist in the memory, not only in the ones whom had met you, but also in the memory of everyone who like music with a high level of quality.

February, 2017

In 2015, with the supervision of Francisco Cardoso, I did an investigation aiming to understand what was the feeling of a composer at the moment of the premiere of his work. Late last year (2017) Novas Edições Académicas - Academic New Editions Press - offered me the possibility of publishing this investigation.

For now, the book is in Portuguese. However, I'm looking for the possibility of an English translation.

For more - morebooks

December, 2017

Next Friday, 22nd of December 2017, Filipe Abreu and Tianhong Yang premiere my Sonata for Violin and Piano.

This piece was commissioned by them and this small fragment show the craziness of the 2nd movement.



Was born Porto, Portugal in 1990.

He estudied Composition in Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (Lisbon Music College) with the composers: Professor Dr Sérgio Azevedo, Professor Dr António Pinho Vargas and Professor Dr Luís Tinoco. He also had the opportunity to work with the composers: Professor Roberto Alejandro Perez, Professor Dr Carlos Marecos, Professor Dr João Madureira, Professor Dr José Luís Ferreira and Professor Dr Carlos Caires (Orchestration, Harmony, Analisys and Electroacoustic Music).

In 2014 Daniel Davis was scholarship holder of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for 2014-2015 academic year, and he was the Young Composer of the 2014 - 2015 Concert Season of the Orquestra de Câmara de Cascais e Oeiras (Chamber Orchestra of Cascais and Oeiras).

He was also Associated Composer in the context of the Musicalmente - Music for Babies project (2016 season).

Recently, Daniel Davis has been offered a conditional place for a Doctoral Programme at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, in London - with the support of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Guildhall Research Department - with the composers: Professor Dr Julian Philips and Professor Dr Richard Baker. He has also been working with the composer: Professor Dr Julian Anderson.

Daniel Davis agent is nomus21, is represented by the Portuguese Music Research & Information Centre - and all his rights are protected by the Portuguese Author Society - SPA.



  • 2016, Honor Medal - from Instituo Politécnico de Lisboa for having highlighted as a National and International Composer.


  • 2015, Nomination - Melhor trabalho de Música Erudita 2015 da Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores.


  • 2014, 1st Prize Winner - Concurso de Composição Antena 2 / SPA - III Edição.


  • 2014, Laureate - Concurso de Composição da Banda Sinfónica Portuguesa - II Edição.


  • 2013, Laureate - Concurso de Composição Antena 2 / SPA - II Edição.





All the permissions to perform Davis work in public must be

obtained in Portugal from Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores

Av. Duque de Loulé, 31 1069-153 Lisboa

phone: +351 213 594 400 fax: +351 213 530 257


From editors:

Four Ways... -

No fim do que tudo parece ser... - Scherzo Editions






"Mirror of the Soul" by Ensemble Darcos - work record "Viagens"








"New Harmoniemusik" by Camerata de Sopros Silva Dionísio - work record "The essence of a tear"



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